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The eRC pension

The company eRC-System GmbH shows appreciation to its employees by providing above-average support for retirement provision.

  • You are responsible for your future and eRC-System GmbH rewards your commitment above average.
  • The best results have been achieved with funds in the past. You start with us 100% invested in securities. In addition, you receive guarantees for your contract.
  • Environmental, social and corporate governance should play a major role in securities for wealth creation. That is why all funds are classified according to ESG Article 9.
  • You subscribe to a group tariff. This reduces costs, which leads to better results.
  • There is also the option of insuring occupational disability with state funding.
  • You will be supported by Archimedes-Consult GmbH, represented by Klaus Weidlich

With Archimedes-Consult GmbH you have a partner with expertise in the area of ​​assets. Mr. Weidlich, managing director and financial specialist (IHK), will look after your sustainable company pension scheme (bAV) with his team.

What means ESG?

Ecology, Social, Government



Our ESG services


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What means ESG?

According to the EU Disclosure Regulation, ESG (Ecology, Social, Government) is a classification of equities, equity funds and investment products. There are three categories according to this table:

With so-called impact investing, the positive impact on our shared future is very strong. That is why we only choose securities from this segment for your retirement provision. Return and security are no longer the only criteria in our modern world. It also depends on the impact your money has on all of us.

The fund ratio is important

We know from the past that the best long-term results in this area are achieved with a ratio of 100% in equity funds. Since many employees and employers expect security, most providers only invest part of their investment in funds and the other part in low-interest securities. This leads to reduced results. We, on the other hand, provide the security through active asset management. This is why you receive the legally required security with a full return.

Archimedes Consult, unabhängige Finanzberatung München

And you can expect good results

You decide how much you want to spend each month.

Here we show the tax-optimized option.

You decide what you actually convert into salary. However, the contribution from eRC-System GmbH depends on your commitment. The necessary adjustments, including in relation to tax and social security savings, can be clarified in a personal consultation. The following example again takes up tax optimization.


The double tax benefit for the workforce

It is not just the savings on income tax that are relevant. If employees save privately in a portfolio, they will be subject to 25% capital gains tax over the next few decades. This is also waived if they save through the company.

The services of Archimedes-Consult GmbH

Archimedes-Consult GmbH advises and supports you in matters relating to company pension schemes. Furthermore, your portfolio will be reviewed annually and adjustments may be recommended. You will also receive support if you decide to change employers.l.

In addition, you can receive a rough analysis of your personal financial situation free of charge. If you wish to make private use of other services provided by the company, you will receive an employee discount of 50% on fees or charges.

In addition, the Archimedes-Consult of eRC-Systems will be available approximately twice a year with an informative and free lecture.

Der Träger der betrieblichen Altersversorgung

The provider of the company pension scheme

An insurance provider is needed for the workforce. Here, eRC-System GmbH has chosen VOLKSWOHL BUND on the recommendation of Archimedes-Consult GmbH. This company is characterized by a high level of expertise in the asset management of investment funds.

VOLKSWOHL BUND Versicherungsanbieter

Häufig gestellte Fragen

Archimedes-Consult GmbH is an independent consulting company in the field of asset investments and company pension schemes. The managing director, Klaus Weidlich, is certified as a financial services specialist (IHK) and foundation manager (DAS).

In the area of ​​employees, this can only be implemented with an insurance company. Since there are almost no tariffs in the area of ​​“100% funds on a sustainable basis“, the managing director of Archimedes-Consult GmbH suggested VOLKSWOHL BUND. Legally, the implementation takes place through direct insurance. The employer becomes the policyholder and contributor.

The employee becomes the insured person and receives an irrevocable right of subscription. The employer’s subsidies are immediately vested in the employee’s entitlement. The contributions in 2024 are tax and social security-free up to 302 € and tax-free up to 604 €.

The VOLKSWOHL BUND is a mutual insurance association. This means that the Volkswohlbund does not distribute profits to the owners, but rather to the insured persons. The VOLKSWOHL BUND does not have its own sales department, but relies on the cooperation of independent partners.

We currently do not have any securities available that comply with ESG Article 9. Since the EU tightens regulations in this sustainable segment every year, it would have to be actively managed every year. This does not fit the nature of an ETF or index fund. In a few years, this market should have stabilized and calmed down. If corresponding offers are available in the fund segment in the future, these can be taken into account in strategic adjustments.

First, your contributions are deducted from the top of your gross salary. In retirement, contributions are usually taxed at a lower rate. The difference is around 15% to your advantage. If you were to invest in private funds, the capital gains tax would be levied on the profits. This is currently 25%. With the company solution, you save this tax as well.

You also save on contributions to statutory health insurance, unless you have private health insurance. In return, you pay a portion of your pension towards health insurance. In addition, fewer contributions are made to statutory pension insurance and unemployment insurance. This small disadvantage is more than compensated for by the employer’s subsidy.

You can decide this towards the end of the contract term. If you decide on a monthly pension, this will be increased significantly in the event of care.

Of course, the German tax office always taxes. However, the tax savings are significantly higher than the taxation.

The first thing that matters here is whether we have at least 10 employees with intentions on this issue when the provision starts. If so, the health questions will be made much simpler. Otherwise, a review process is necessary. Up to €2,000 in pensions per month can be insured.

The advantage of this solution is that the necessary contributions are deducted before your salary is taxed. This is an additional option within the framework of company pension provision.

When you leave eRC-System GmbH, please contact us, Archimedes-Consult GmbH. Either the new employer will take over your contract or it will be ported to another provider. The employer’s support will then be determined by the new employer. It may be advisable to adjust the contributions. We will support you.

You leave your contract dormant until you start receiving your pension. Until then, your assets will continue to grow. Then you decide whether you want to receive a lump sum or a monthly pension from Germany.

In this case, your spouse/partner inherits your entitlements. It may be necessary to notify VOLKSWOHL BUND of this entitlement. Children may also have entitlements if they are still entitled to child benefit.

In this case, you can have your contributions made contribution-free or continue to save for the contract privately with a different monthly contribution. The employer’s benefits and other advantages are yours.

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